Barcelona Beaches: 3 tips on how to avoid crowds

Besides architecture, culture and gastronomy, another of Barcelona’s main attractions are their beaches. The city has on its beaches one of its biggest public spaces, with a seaside extending more than 4,5 km. But, as it usually occurs with the main attractions of such a touristic place as Barcelona, Barcelona’s beaches are crowded in Summer, which makes them not such a pleasant place to be. How do we locals enjoy our beaches, regardless of the tourist masses? Here we leave you some tips:


1. Be the first ones to get there

People leaving on the areas nearest to the beach, the ones that can actually walk from home to the beach, have the privilege to be able to be he firsts to get to the beach and enjoy the first bath of the day before everyone else. Arriving at the beach at 9 or 10 in the morning, allows you to enjoy it peacefully and quietly and, when the crowds start to invade the sand around 12 AM, you have had your 2 o 3 hours of sun and bathing and can go explore the city. In addition, you avoid the hours when the sun hits stronger on your skin.


2. Avoid Metro Beaches

Most people tend to go the easily reachable beaches by metro or the ones closest to the city center. This makes Barceloneta and Sant Sebastià the most crowded beaches. As far north as you go, the hardest is to get to the beach by metro, therefore the beaches will be less crowded. If you go cycling or by bus, you’ll easily get to Mar Bella, Llevant or even Forum beaches.

3. Explore the beaches out of town

platja_de_sant_pol_-_pescadors_sant_pol_de_mar     Reportatge canvi climatic, tren de rodalies al seu pas pel Masnou, El Masnou, Maresme 24.11.2015 Foto PERE VIRGILi Diari Ara

As surprising as you might find it, some locals even prefer to go out of town to enjoy some hours of sun and bathing, rather than going to the closest beaches. Up the north from Barcelona, there is a coastal region called Maresme. It is made up of small villages both along the coastal line and inland. The coastal villages are very well communicated with Barcelona by train, the railway running parallel to the sea. In 20 minutes, you can go from Barcelona Center to the beach. In any of Maresme villages, from Badalona to Sant Pol, beaches are much less crowded and the water is a bit cleaner. Spending the day at one of Maresme beaches is also a way to explore Barcelona’s suburbs.


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