Catalonia, Land of Wines

Did you know that every second a 1000 bottles of wine are consumed in the world? Around 13% of this wine is produced in Spain, being Catalonia the region with a larger rate of wine export in the country. In Catalonia, there are more than 60.000 hectares of vineyards and over 1500 cellars and wine producers which make the wine trade one of the most important in our agricultural industry. Moreover, wine has been part of Catalonia and its culture, tradition and landscape for over 2,300 years, so undoubtedly Catalonia is a land of wine.

Wine Experiences

Visiting Barcelona is a great opportunity to approach the world of wine. Most restaurants have long wine lists and you woll find many specialized bars and shops, ranging from the most snobby wine bars to the most humble and traditional bodegas. The good thing of finding yourself in a land of wines is that you can taste really good wines at very reasonable prices. In Catalonia, wine is an essential part of gastronomy and culture, it is something that is consumed daily, something far from being a luxury or an exceptional product.


Besides enjoying the pleasure of drinking wine, which by the way has plenty of benefits for your health, your visit to Barcelona gives you the chance to learn the process of wine-making firsthand. You can experience the grape harvest and wine production process through an extensive range of activities, visiting a bodega, walking through the vineyards, do a wine-pairing with local food, taste different varieties of organic wine and many other activites, which are a fun and great way to get to know the world of wine.

Are you interested in wine tourism? If you are, then, Catalonia is the place to be. Furthermore, while doing wine tourism you will also discover the varied landscapes of Catalonia and its rich architectural and cultural heritage.

Visit the Wineries

There are more than 300 wineries that offer guided tours through their facilities and show how the wine is produced, from the grape harvest to the labelling of bottles. There are some big wineries with a highly industrialized process of wine making which offer tours in many languages, with audiovisual exhibitions and even a small train ride along their huge factories and vineyards. However there are alsoo many small wineries, family businesses, where the person who guides you might probably be the producer himself or some other member of the family. Their facilities might not be as spectacular but the experience will bring you closer to the process of wine making and you will be surprised of how wine is still elaborated in a very traditional way.


Wine Routes

In Catalonia there are 11 Certificate of Origin (DO), each one with particular qualities, mainly determined by the type of earth and soil of the region. Empordà, Penedès and Priorat are the three main DO. In less than two hours from Barcelona, you can travel there and enjoy routes and guided tours through the vineyards. You can walk or ride a bike and enjoy nature in some amazing landscapes. In Empordà, many vineyards overlook the Mediterranean sea and the beautiful Costa Brava. In Penedès when you stroll along the vineyards you have Montserrat mountain in the background. If you travel a little further south, to Priorat, you will discover a region with a long tradition of wine making, full of villages which preserve a certain atmosphere from the past.


Wine Tourism experiences will allow you to discover spectacular landscapes, learn about wine history and wine making firsthand and approach to an essential element of Catalan cuisine, culture and tradition.


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