Ebre River Delta: a Natural Jewel of the South

Ebre River, the longest river in Spain, has its ending in a Delta in Tarragona province after coming all the way (930 km) from Cantabria, in the North of Spain. In the southernmost part of Catalonia, Ebre River discharges in the Mediterranean Sea, forming a prominent Delta, which is the largest water habitat in Catalonia. Its area of 320 km2 makes up a Natural Park of rich and diverse environments and ecosystems.

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Delta de l’Ebre is a territory where nature and human presence coexist in a balanced way, which makes it an interesting area to be discovered, visited and enjoyed. The natural landscape is a swampy area formed by the river, the sea, its bays, beaches, dunes, woods, coastal lagoons, river islands and, predominantly, its rice fields. The Delta is also rich and diverse in animal and plant life. At the Delta, hundreds of bird species can be watched and observed from the bird watching cabins. They live together with numerous species of fish, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Cycling around the swamps and the rice fields is a great way to discover this great Natural Park.

E-CASES ALCANAR     en-bicicleta-por-el-delta

The Delta is divided into two Catalan regions, separated by Ebre River. These are Montsià and Baix Ebre regions. Some of the villages of the area are definitely worth a visit, specially to taste some of their specialties in rice. The biggest town of the region is Amposta, the southernmost “big” town of Catalonia before you enter País Valencià. Other picturesque villages of the Delta are Deltebre, l’Ampolla, Sant Carles de la Ràpita and Les Cases d’Alcanar.

Muscles from the Delta

Muscle-day         Diada-musclo-Alcanar

As we said, gastronomy is one of the attractions of Delta de l’Ebre and among the most praised products of the Delta are muscles (Delta Muscles). A great occasion to visit the Delta and enjoy its food is next July 25th. In Les Cases d’Alcanar, they celebrate the Delta Muscles Day. Tapas of Muscles will be served with a glass of wine for 2€. There will also be bands playing traditional live music and dancing and a Market offering ecologic food products of the area.


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