FC Barcelona did it again! First team in history to win two trebles!

Some European teams have achieved it once but only Barcelona FC has won the Spanish League, the Royal Cup and the Champions League in the same season twice. The winners of 2015 Champions League have set a milestone further on the history of FC Barcelona and the history of football.

On their way to the Champions League Trophy, FC Barcelona encountered the most difficult rivals. Round after round, Barça beat the French League winner Paris St. Germain in quarter-finals, beat the German League winner Bayern Munich in semi-finals, and finally defeated the winner of the Italian League, Juventus, in the Final. We can then positively say that this season FC Barcelona has been the best of the best.

When praising the glory of FC Barcelona, though, we cannot leave out the fact that Barça is one of the Clubs with a bigger budget. This enables them to have the best well-paid players and to be leading allFBL-EUR-C1-BARCELONA-BAYERN of the competitions. However, FC Barcelona’s two best seasons, 2015 and 2009 -the trebles seasons- have one very significant coincidental trait: the leadership of a coach in his first season as Barça trainer, who had been a player of the so-called “Dream Team” which won the first FC Barcelona Champions League in 1992. In 2009, the first season with the coach Pep Guardiola who he lead the team to the glory of winning the first treble in FC Barcelona’s history. Six years later, now under the coaching of Luis Enrique, they have achieved it again. The old Barça winning spirit meets the skilful, self-assured young Barça that has an insatiable desire for more trophies.

Last Saturday, just after FC Barcelona was proclaimed European Champion in Berlin, thousands of Barça supporters gathered in Canaletes Fountain, located in La Rambla of Barcelona, to celebrate the victory of their team according to the tradition. Next day, the celebration went on until late in the evening with the football players parade through the streets of Barcelona and the final celebration at the FC Stadium Camp Nou at full.


What is this parade of the football players about? For some years now, this is a tradition that has rooted in Barça celebrations: the offering of the titles to the supporters in a drive along the streets of Barcelona. All players go on an open double-decker sightseeing bus from where they share their joy with the team’s fans who flood the streets to welcome and receive them with flags and songs. At the end of this 3-hour drive, they all meet in Camp Nou, where a big show with music, fireworks and players speeches takes place in the celebration of glory and gratefulness.

camp nou


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