Feria de Abril: a Great Festival from the South

Feria de Abril is an annual big festive celebration typical from Andalusia that celebrates the particular culture of its people. In most Andalusians towns and villages, people gather in large esplanades temporally built with casetas, big tents with tables, chairs, stages and kitchens, where people meet to eat, drink, dance sevillanas (the typical Andalusian dance) and have fun. Most fairs also have a funfair area with attractions for all ages. During the day, the fair is a family and folkloric event that, as hours goes by, turns into a huge party for younger people where the casetas became night clubs.



The origins of April Fair date back to 1846 in Seville, when the first annual fair took place as a cattle market. Soon these meetings became more and more festive and in the early 20’s the fair started to look more like it is now: a meeting point where locals, visitors, authorities, artists and other celebrities gather to eat, drink, dance and have fun.

Barcelona’s April Fair: the second most important in Spain

In the 60’s and the 70’s thousands of Andalusians migrated from Andalusia to Barcelona. This was due to an economic recess in agriculture and mining, which made many people leave their homes and search for work and a better life up in the north. Around 1 million people from all Andalusian provinces settled down in Catalonia forming a large community that brought with them their culture and traditions. Already 44 years ago, the first Andalusian organization founded in Catalonia created the first April Fair in Barcelona. This is the reason why Barcelona’s April Fair is the second biggest after Sevilla’s April Fair.

April Fair

Eating and drinking: Pescaíto y Rebujito

During your visit to the Feria, you shouldn’t miss trying some of its typical gastronomic specialities: pescaíto and rebujito. Pescaíto (small fish) is a selection of fried fish and other seafood very typical from South of Spain. You can find it in most casetas, along with many other tapas such as jamón, Spanish omelette, cheese, olives, octopus… and you can also taste more elaborate and traditional Andalusian dishes like broth and stews. The official or most popular drinks in the fair are fino and manzanilla (two Andalusian varieties of white wine). In the last 10 years, though, a new version of manzanilla has been pushing hard and has become very popular: the Rebujito, which is a mix of manzanilla, Seven Up and lots of ice!


Barcelona’s April Fair 2015: facts and figures

On April 24th at 21.30h, the big entrance arcade of the Fair will be lit, triggering the beginning of the 44th Feria de Abril de Catalunya. The Fair will take place in the Forum esplanade occupying 95.000m² with 53 casetas of different cultural organizations and associations. The Fair will be on from April 24th to May 3rd so if you are in Barcelona during these dates, La Feria de Abril is definitely worth a visit. It will be an immersion to Andalusian culture: you will have the chance to try their typical food, drink rebujito and mix with locals from Andalusia dressed in their typical costumes while they joyfully dance their typical dances: sevillanas and flamenco. You will join in a truly and genuine folkloric event that has become a big collective celebration, one of the biggest in Barcelona.


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