Flamenco Shows in Barcelona

Flamenco: artistic musical and dance genre based on the popular Andalusian folklore. This could be a general definition of the art of Flamenco. But truly defining Flamenco is not as simple as that. This form of popular culture has become two main things: a symbol of Spanish Culture and a form of art that has exceeded its popular original to become a genre and a style of Music and Dance with outstanding performances renowned worldwide.

Flamenco in Barcelona

As the typical music and dance style from Spain, Flamenco has in Barcelona some representatives venues, but you won’t find a flamenco atmosphere in the Catalan city as you would find it in the South of Spain, as Flamenco is the form of popular culture and folklore of Andalusia. Somehow, the popular culture of the regions from the South has internationally become a symbol of the Spanish Culture. Many Catalans won’t recognize Flamenco as their own culture neither a symbols of their culture, but it is also true that Catalonia is also land of Flamenco, due to the Andalusian immigration that massively settled in Catalonia in the 60’s, who brought and rooted their culture. There are nowadays many Flamenco schools in Barcelona and some of the most renowned Flamenco performers are Catalan. So, although it might be difficult to find Flamenco on the streets or as part of our popular culture, you can find in Barcelona great Flamenco performances in specialized venues. And here you have a selection of the best places to listen and enjoy the best Flamenco in Barcelona.


Festival De Cajon

Flamenco Festival De Cajón! is a series of Flamenco concerts that will take place in different venues. This year, there will be 4 concerts of 4 outstanding flamenco artists: a complete Flamenco performance with musicians and dancers, recreating a gypsy celebration will take place in Sala Barts and Palau de la Música, one of the main music venues in Barcelona, will held the concerts of three of the most renowned Flamenco artists: singer José Mercè, guitar player Vicente Amigo and famous guitar player Tomatito with pianist Michel Camilo. These will be from October 27th to November 18. Check the dates in Time Out.


Palacio del Flamenco


Probably the main touristic Flamenco venue, it helds a full Flamenco Show with musicians and dancers on stage. While enjoying the show, the audience can also taste a Tapas dinner.
Carrer Balmes, 139.



Set in centric Plaça Reial, it’s one of the historic Flamenco venues in Barcelona. A small stage for a small audience, it’s a real tablao (name given to the original Flamenco stage).
Plaça Reial, 17.

Los Juanele


Probably the venue were local Flamenco lovers go. During the week it’s a Flamenco and Sevillanas’ school. It looks like a real caseta of April Fair and the atmosphere has all the popular Flamenco ingredients. Near Paral·lel Avenue.
Carrer d’Aldana, 4.

Jazz Sí Club


Set in the heart of Raval, it’s a very small venue that holds Flamenco shows every Friday and Saturday evenings. The shows are also small format performances (a singer and a guitar player and sometimes a dancer and a cajón player too) and this is the magic of the place: the audience is so close to the artists that singers sometimes perform without microphones.
Carrer Recasens, 2.


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