5 international restaurants in the Gràcia neighborhood

Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan European capitals, not only because of the huge amount of foreign people living together, but also for the open-minded attitude of their inhabitants. This mix of cultures seems to be more than appealing to the Catalan population and the newcomers who enjoy finding out different ways of understanding life through other countries’ traditions.

This trend explains the rich variety of restaurants offering international cuisine. Besides the crazy boom of the Japanese gastronomy, with the opening of hundreds of sushi bars, certain districts host an interesting quantity of restaurants from the five continents. One of the areas with a highest density is Gràcia. This village-look neighbourhood, with tinny streets and quite squares full of summer tourists and children playing after school, has seen how Ethiopian, Syrian, Pakistani or Greek restaurants appeared lately as a symbol of the globalization and the healthy curiosity of the Barcelona foodies.

If you are about to visit Barcelona and you don’t want to leave the city without eating in one of the best international restaurants (without missing the Mediterranean Catalan cuisine, of course), write down the following top 5 spots in Gràcia:



This is one of the most famous and popular Japanese restaurants in the city. If you don’t make a reservation in advance, make sure you arrive early in order to find a free table. Besides the inside space, which seems a combination of a Catalan traditional bar and a Japanese-inspired restaurant, the food is outstanding and the sushi is prepared in the bar instead of the kitchen, so you can observe the process if you fancy.

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It is the first Ethiopian restaurant in Spain. It offers an unforgettable experience, both in a gastronomic and anthropological sense, since the food is eaten according the Ethiopian culture. It means with the hands and the help of traditional bread. Open your mind and get introduced to this exotic and fascinating culture in Barcelona.

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It is placed in the Verdi Street, which is full of international option for an exotic dinner. The decoration of the spot will bring you far away to the historical cities of Palestine, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Acre and Jafa. Besides enjoying the music, you will have the chance to eat a typical home-made Palestinian menu with the typical bread and Mediterranean ingredients.

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If you fancy traveling to the fascinating Himalaya, you need to go to this small and warm Nepalese restaurant. Among other dishes, you will find Basmati rice with lentils, lemon, vegetable or meat sauce, milkshakes, legume stew, momos (like Japanese Gyozas) etc. It was the first Neapalese restaurant in Barcelona, it keeps being one of the favorite for those who appreciate the word cuisines. With strong Indian influences, the Nepalese gastronomy has lot to do with vegetables, sauces, curry and other spices.

A Casa Portuguesa


This place was first settled in Gràcia and has recently moved to Aragó Street, so it will be our little exception of Gràcia spots. This shop-bar-restaurant combines food and Portuguese culture with doses of contemporary. There, you will find a daily offer of “petiscos” or Portuguese “tapas” with cheese, pork meat, etc. as well as traditional dishes with cod as the main character. Don’t leave before tasting the Belém cakes and the other pastries prepared every day in the restaurant’s bakery.

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