The Medieval Week in Montblanc

Saint George’s Legend


Saint George the Knight (Sant Jordi), killed the Dragon to free the Princess from his claws and, from the blood of the Dragon, a beautiful Red Rose blossomed. Among all Catalan legends, Saint George’s Legend might be the most famous and popular. Last weekend we celebrated Saint George’s Day, the Festival of the Book and the Rose, and the iconography of Saint George’s Legend (the Knight, the Dragon, the Princess and the Rose) were present in the streets in many forms. But, where this all happened. As the legend says, Saint George killed the Dragon in Montblanc, a village in Tarragona province, tucked at the foot of the hills.

Montblanc, a Medieval Town


To honor the deed, Montblanc celebrates on these dates the Medieval Week, one of the biggest Medieval Festival in Catalonia and Spain. Montblanc is, in itself, a medieval town. Its Golden Age dates from the XIV Century, a time where it was one of the most populated towns in Catalonia and when the magnificent walls where built. Montblanc is enclosed within thick walls with 31 towers and 5 gates, one of them dedicated to Saint George Legend.

Montblanc Medieval Week


Last week of April, the village of Montblanc celebrates its Medieval Week. The main event is a representation, involving more than 200 actors, of the legend of Sant Jordi (St. George). For a few days the village is decked out in 14th century attire and has a truly medieval atmosphere. Its towers and defensive walls are adorned with the flags of old stately houses, and the medieval atmosphere can be felt in all its streets. There are also a range of other functions that take place over the week in question: discussions, parades, theatre performances, sports activities, games, street market, medieval dinners and singing troubadours.


Another main attraction of the Medieval Week is the Medieval Market. More than 130 stalls are displayed to sell all kind of handmade products and traditional food (dried sausages, honey, jam, cheeses, breads, desserts,…). Typical items from the Medieval Age, such as swords, armours, shields, etc… can also be acquired there. Medieval tournaments and minstrels contests are also held during the week and another big theatrical performance called the Dracum Nocte takes place at night. It represents the arrival of the evil forces, witches, devils and dragons that descent to town from the highest point of the walls.


The Medieval Week of Montblanc has been declared a festival of National Interest in Spain. From Barcelona, you can get to Montblanc by bus or car. It’s only 90 minutes far from the city.


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