Vic, Hometown of the Best Fuet

The city of Vic, halfway between the sea and the Pyrenees, is one more of Catalan towns worth to visit in a one-day trip from Barcelona. It is only 70km far north from the Capital, a one hour train trip which will take you to a city located in a plain surrounded by mountains. There, the temperatures drop and you can experience a typical weather phenomenon of the area: the puzzling fog that comes and goes and, sometimes, stays.

But, why is Vic worth a visit? It is a historical town that had its Golden Age in the Middle Ages, when the Religious Power had its center in Vic and the Cathedral was built as seat of the Bishop’s Diocese. But the history of Vic dates back to much further, to the Roman occupation of Iberia. Vic was an important town of passage and a tax-city. Prove of this importance are the remains of the Roman Temple, which walls and facade are still preserved and the passers-by come across with it while walking throughout the narrow streets of the historic center.

              roman temple    cathedral

Going back to the Bishop, one of the recommended visits in Vic is the Cathedral. It dates back to the XI century and, although it was rebuilt in a neoclassical style, the crypt and the bell are preserved in the original Romanesque style. Another highlight of the Cathedral is the magnificent mural painted by J.M. Sert, one of the most important and renowned Catalan artists from the XIX century. To continue with the episcopal legacy of the Bishop’s times, there is the Episcopal Museum, one of the most important in Europe regarding collections from the Gothic and the Romanesque, specially with works of art and objects related to the Medieval Religious lifestyle.

A part from its historical significance and sites, Vic is also a City nice to walk through its streets and squares. A typical event of the city is the open air market in Plaça Major (main square) of Vic every Tuesday and Saturday. Vic’s Plaça Major is a symbol of Catalonia, a big terrace surrounded by old buildings and the classical arcade of Catalan squares.


If you are still not convinced to visit Vic, here is the clinching argument: Fuet de Vic. It is the typical pork sausage but the one from Vic is the most tasty and renowned of Catalonia. No one can’t leave Vic without tasting it or even buying it to take home.


Any time of the year is good to visit the city of Vic but, if you want to make it special, there are to main events that take place in Vic during the year: the Medieval Market (around December 8th), when the city becomes a Medieval town with events from the Middle Ages and traditional food markets, and the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic (in mid September), when the town hosts a 3 days Music Festival with free concerts and live music in indoor and outdoor venues.



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