Vintage Markets: Second-Hand Goods for Hipsters

In our last post, we talked about Encants, the traditional and historical Flea Market in Barcelona which serves as a cheap and second-hand market for low budgets. But, on the last few years, a new trend of second-hand open air markets has flourished in town. These markets not only offer to the public second-hand goods, specially clothes, but also artisan and local food products and a varied and sophisticated range of food trucks. These vintage flea markets are targeted to young and modern shoppers, among whom has become very popular to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning, walking around the stalls and having some snack or foodie in the street, surrounded by very well displayed second-hand clothes which have a vintage air.


These small markets are usually set in centric and picturesque locations of the city and they are held once a month. Next Sunday January 10th, you can visit two of them: Flea Market Barcelona and Barcelona Vintage Market. The first one will be set next to La Rambla, at the end of Raval neighborhood, just behind the Maritime Museum. In the Flea Market, you can find second-hand clothes that are mainly sold by individuals who decide to give a second life to their old clothes. Though they are second-hand, they sometimes are classy and special garments and, mainly, with a vintage touch.


The Barcelona Vintage Market will be displayed in a historic building: Barcelona’s University. The building has served as a University since the second half of the XIX century and at is very well known for its peaceful gardens and cloisters. Precisely there, in tho open air gardens, is where the stalls of the market will be set. There, while visiting a historic building, you will be able to taste some artisan foods, and look through second-hand goods.

Food Trucks

In these recent trend for street culture in Barcelona, one of the main and newer features of flea market and other open air events are the Food Trucks. Having some drinks and food in our leisure time is essential to our urban culture, and the fashion of Food Trucks serve this role perfectly. They are old vans turned into small kitchens and food displays and they offer sophisticated street food, far from the vulgar hot-dogs or hamburgers.


Well, if you want to mingle with the hipsters and take the pulse of the Barcelona most fashionable urban street culture, visiting a Vintage Flea Market is a most recommended option.


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