When Barcelona FC wins, we all go to Canaletes

One match before the end of the championship, FC Barcelona won last sunday the Spanish Football League 2014-2015. It is the 5th league Barça wins in the last seven years, finishing second the two seasons they didn’t win. With the National Championship already in the pocket, Barcelona also aims for the UEFA Champions League and the King’s Cup, finals that are to be played the next weeks.

Barcelona wins

No doubt Barça team is in a good shape this season and everything suggests that we will have another spring of glory and celebrations: spontaneous gatherings in the traditional meeting point at Canaletes Fountain, musical and fireworks shows at the Stadium, the offering of the title to the city’s authorities at the Town Hall and the bus tour of the players along the city streets.

Popular Barça celebration at Canaletes Fountain

As you see, both the Club and the supporters have many ways of celebrating and worship their idols, but the most popular and traditional one is the gathering in Canaletes Fountain, at the top of La Rambla. At the end of every match in which Barcelona is proclaimed champion thousands of people take to the streets and walk towards La Rambla. Last Sunday, more than 5.000 people gathered around Canaletes Fountain singing, shouting and celebrating. Supporters exalt Barça Team and players in their singing but they never fail to remember, not so nicely, FC Barcelona eternal rival, Real Madrid.

Canaletes FountainAlmost every tourist and visitor to Barcelona must have walked past Canaletes Fountain at least once. Maybe not all of them might have noticed it but the truth is it is an emblematic and popular meeting point of the city. Not only for Barça fans, but for many others as well. The fountain itself dates back to the late 19th century and it is an ornate one, designed in the years when the art noveau stood out in Barcelona. There is a saying, actually inscribed on the floor next to the fountain, that the one who drinks from the Font de Canaletes will come back to Barcelona. One might think that could be the reason why FC Barcelona fans meet there to celebrate, so they will keep coming back to the fountain meaning Barça will win many more titles. But, as many other traditions, the tradition of meeting at Canaletes Fountain to celebrate Barça triumphs has a less superstitious but more practical origin.

In the 30’s, when transistors didn’t exist yet, people followed the football matches from the teletypes sent to the editorial offices. In La Rambla, just in front of Canaletes Fountain, there were the offices of a popular sports newspaper. People went there to know up-to-the-minute how Barcelona team was doing and, of course, there was where they started celebrating each triumph and each goal of their team.

Barcelona celebration

Nowadays, being such a touristic area, in every Canaletes celebration, Barça supporters mix with tourists, so, if you happen to be in Barcelona next May 30th or June 6th -dates of the King’s Cup Final and the UEFA Champions League Final- you’ might have the opportunity to live in first a tradition more than 90 years old: Barça’s Canaletes celebrations, or, at least, we hope so.


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